Board of Directors

Our board of directors share a common bond, a passion for electric vehicles and a committed belief that their history should be documented and shared with the world. Together our board of directors personally own over 70 electric vehicles.

Executive Director


Get to know the Museum executive director Roderick Wilde

Roderick Wilde has spent the last 20 odd years dedicating his life to the acceptance of EVs so they could become a viable part of our transportation mix. The electric car pictured above is part of his extensive collection of U.S. made electric micro cars that were manufactured between the mid 1940s and the mid 1960s. It is currently on display at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California in a show titled: “Fins, Form without Function“.  It is the only electric vehicle in the show. To read more about how his passion for EV-s  started and evolved up to the Museum idea click here Roderick CV .


Larry Fisher and Roderick Wilde in front of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsport Museum where Larry is currently employed as the Executive Director. The 1930 Detroit Electric belongs to Roderick.


Get to know the Museum curator Larry Fisher

  • Larry is currently the Executive Director of the Wall Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California
  • His background includes museum planning with extensive experience as a design consultant to museums and other cultural institutions
  • He is the world’s foremost expert on US made electric micro cars and hosts the Autoette Project.  He is currently writing a book on that subject.
  • Past

    • Executive Director at Herreshoff Marine Museum
    • President & CEO at Circus World Museum
    • President & Executive Director at The Barnum Museum
    • Principal at Exceptional Environments LLC
    • Director of Exhibitions at The Maritime Aquarium
    • Senior Fabrication Designer and Project Administrator at Walt Disney Imagineering
    • Project Manager at Vomar Products
    • Fabrication Specialist at Guldstrand Engineering, Inc.
    • Contract Designer / Fabricator at Hamilton Automotive Industries
    • Precision Model Maker and Fabricator at Railroad Supply Corporation

Larry Fisher CV

Chief Financial Officer

Get to know the Chief Financial Officer Marty Gay


Mart has a degree in Economics from Notre Dam University. He is also a partner at the consulting group, In Sight: Community Wealth Solutions, CFO of Quimper Mercantile Company, and founding member and Chair of EDC/Team Jefferson, the county economic development organization in Port Townsend, WA. Marty is also serving as executive of Olympic Finance Development Authority, a regional economic development initiative to help small businesses find capital for start-up or expansion. Marty is a co-owner of Windermere Real Estate in Port Townsend, Washington, a former public school teacher, an award-winning chef and restaurateur, and author/co-author of 19 books. He is married to Michelle Sandoval and dad to Nissa Gay and Dakota Sandoval-Gay. To check some of the projects he is involved with click on the links below.

Books in Print



Quimper Mercantile Company

Olympic Finance Development Authority

Windermere RE Port Townsend

Marketing Director


Get to know the Museum Marketing Director John Wayland

John Wayland, aka ‘Plasma Boy’  is an electric vehicle expert with more than three decades of hands-on  experience in designing, building and racing high performance electric vehicles  (EVs). He’s obsessed at changing the world’s perception that all electric cars  are slow, dull and boring. He does this by creating EVs that break the mold.  From his zany ‘Heavy Metal Garden Tractor’ – custom paint job, powered by  lithium and a crank’n CD sound system fortified with an 8 inch subwoofer between  one’s legs, to his tire-shredding ‘White Zombie’ – a street legal electric drag  car with 538 hp and 1250 ft. lbs. of massive torque, John and his unique  machines cannot be ignored!

John and his  electric vehicles are media magnets. He created one of the most well-known EV  web sites ‘Plasma Boy Racing’ that gets 11,000+ views each day! A 1965 Mustang  conversion he designed and co-created was so cool, ‘Mustang Monthly’ magazine  featured it in 1994. ‘Wired’ magazine covered John and his creations in 1999. In  2007 John and his White Zombie were featured in ‘Car and Driver’ magazine, the  most popular car magazine in the world and one that before running into John,  routinely made fun of and dissed electric cars. Oregon Public Broadcasting did a  story that instantly went viral on the web, that has had millions of views. A  stippled drawing of John and a story about the changing face of electric cars  even hit the front page of the ‘Wall Street Journal’. There are 100s of on-line  videos about White Zombie, but the hi definition professionally created videos can be  found at the Plasma Boy web site’s ‘Videos’ section.  For more interesting information’s about our Marketing Director click on Wayland CV.

Visual Communications Director


Get to know the Museum Web and Graphic Designer Chip Gribben

Chip has been an EV enthusiast for over 20 years and has built several EVs including his 144 volt electric blue Ford Escort and his son’s 72 volt Jr Dragster. He also owns an electric scooter and bicycle shop in Laurel, Maryland, ElectroScooterWorks. One of his favorite EVs is his 70’s era GE Elec-Trak garden tractor. He charges his EVs from his solar powered house in Laurel and is on the board of the Washington DC Tour of Solar Homes helping to promote solar energy.

Chip is an illustrator and graphic/web designer by trade having designed the logo for the National Electric Drag Racing Association, Plasma Boy Racing and the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation. He’s also designed T-shirts for the Who Killed the Electric Car movie, NEDRA, Sucking Amps and the KillaCycle Racing Team. He’s the webmaster for NEDRA and the illustrator and webmaster for EV Consulting. He organizes EV drag racing and AutoCross events including the Annual Power of DC. Chip is a member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Washington DC and the Electric Auto Association where he was awarded the EAA Fellow Award for his efforts in promoting EVs.




Get to know the Museum Archivist Bob Oldfather


Bob Oldfather had never expected to go into retail. “I was going to be a mechanical engineer,” he says. “I never thought about owning a store.”  But at the pivotal age of 25, a move back to Tucson from Colorado led to a fateful visit to his father, who owned and operated Livingston’s Used Books, a small, mostly paperback, bookstore. After Bob had been working there for about a year, his father had decided he wanted to move to a smaller town, as Tucson was growing too big for his liking. Unbelievably he sold his company to Bob for only $1.00!  Now that little one-person business has grown into a chain of bookstores and other ventures. He now has over 300 employees in seven brick-and-mortar stores and one online location.

When Bob was finally able to secure a lease on the General Motors EV1 back in 1997, he was ready with free charging stations at two of his Bookmans Entertainment Exchange locations, the first ones in Arizona. He saw that the future was in electric vehicles and wanted not only to be part of, but a motivator in that movement. Since then, Bob has installed EV chargers that are free to the public at all seven Bookmans locations. Additionally, the new Bookmans Sports Exchange features the first, to our knowledge, only dedicated electric bike charging station.   And the new GoE3 level 3 charger, the second in Arizona and the first in Tucson.

For Bob, electric vehicle transportation isn’t a technological bandwagon to increase his geek cred. His passion is personal, as is evidenced in his private collection of antique EVs, which he loans to organizations for display to educate the public on the long history of the electric vehicles and to raise awareness about modern advances. There are pictures of some of his collection of historic electric vehicles in our Gallery section of this web site. In 2012 he was the major sponsor of one of the largest gatherings of high performance electric drag racing vehicles in the world. He joined forces with NEDRA, the National Electric Drag Racing Association to host the Bookmans Tucson Spring Thaw event,

Not only is Bob the founder and CEO of Bookmans, he has invested in multiple technological projects and startups. Bob’s latest endeavor, along with his wife, is Oldfather Farms, a raw food manufacturing company, based in Hood River Oregon.  Finally as the archivist for the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation it is his goal to create a searchable database of EV history, manuals, photographs, etc. so that anyone can easily find the information they are interested in at any time.