Photo taken at Chain of Rocks Bridge by Judy Hinckley, Jim’s wife.


Jim Hinckley

Award  winning Author, Photographer and Automotive  Journalist


February 5, 2014

 Dear Mr. Wilde:

Thank you for informing me about the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundations initiative to establish an International Electric Vehicle Museum. As these fascinating vehicles are the very bookends of the automobile industry this is an endeavor that is long overdue.

One of the most obscure chapters pertaining to the establishment of the American automotive industry is the key role played by manufacturers of electric vehicles, and the innovators behind those companies. When one considers that these early hybrids and electric vehicles, as well as supportive infrastructure are the foundational element in the vehicles that are now transforming the industry, this is rather surprising.

Still, what I find most exciting about the idea of an electric vehicle museum is that in addition to preserving more than a century of automotive technology evolution, it will also preserve the modern automotive pivot point for future generations, and provide glimpses of an exciting future. I am also rather certain that the showcasing of innovative technologies as manifested in the 1917 Woods Dual Electric will stimulate renewed interest in historic vehicles.

If I may be assistance in this endeavor, please do not hesitate to call upon me.


Jim Hinckley


Jim Hinckley is a noted historian and  automotive enthusiast who has written ten books.  He has also been the Associate Editor of Cars & Parts magazine and the  author of more than one thousand feature articles for a wide variety of  publications including Old Cars Weekly, Classic Auto Restorer, Classis Car by  Hemmings, The Kingman Daily Miner and American Road, end even an interview with  Jay  Leno.

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Paul Scott

Founding Board Member: Plug In America

“One hundred years from now, we will no longer be using internal combustion engines to move people around. We will have long before made the transition to renewable electricity as the energy source for this purpose. This fact underscores the importance of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation. Now is the time to begin collecting as much of the history of this technology, already well over a hundred years old, before too much is lost. We are at the beginning of the final transition period. I’ve personally been saving some materials for posterity and am pleased there is finally a repository that will enable those in the future to know how this transition came about.”

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