Route 66 EV Museum News

Fresh article in Arizona Highways, November 29th, 2016

This one is from Kingman Daily Miner, November 29th, 2016

 “Crossroads of the past and future” a walk through of  our museum by the internationally acclaimed automotive journalist Jim Hinckley.  December the 1st, 2016

Article in the Daily Miner, October 30th, 2015

This article has in-depth information on Levitt Luzern Custer and his inventions.  February. 12th. 2015

Article in the Daily Miner, February 11th, 2015

This article will be coming out in the first quarter, 2015 edition, of Electric Car Insider magazine. Electric Car Insider recently completed a successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to increase the distribution of it’s magazine by 150%. The first quarter will include the 2015 EV Buyers Guide. The magazines will be on the shelf at Barnes and Noble in the US and Chapters/Indigo in Canada and as many additional independent bookstores and newsstand shelves as possible starting on February 3rd.

 Article in Old Cars Weekly, December 16th, 2014

 We are not sure how this happened but in this article from Auto Sport  Magazine from Croatia it states that our Marketing Director was responsible for the making of the movie: “Who Killed the Electric Car”  This movie was in fact written and directed by Chris Paine as was “Revenge of  the Electric Car”. Our foundation never made any reference, mention, or otherwise implied that John Wayland had anything to do with this movie. John is  building a 400 mile range electric car called the EV2. You can find information  on it here: and much, much more here on John’s web site: All the rest of the article is accurate.

We believe we may have found where the wires got crossed (pun intended). Doing a search on You Tube turned up a video from an Australian film  company called “who killed the electric car? report part 3: featuring John Wayland. This could feasibly be where the misconception originated.

PT Leader,Oct 22nd, 2014

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Check out the article that just came out in the National Electric Automobile Association newsletter, Current EVents: Dec2013_pg14.

In July 2013.,  several months before we entered the cyber world, this article about the Museum was published in Green Car Reports.