History Links

Digital copy of 1914 “Electric Vehicle Hand-book” by Cushing and Smith, second edition

Digital copy of 1916 “Electric Vehicle Hand-book” by Cushing and Smith, fourth edition

Overview of 1907 Electric Trucks.

Great slide presentation and EV History from 1997 and newer.

100s early Autombile Advertisments, many electric.

Great History of Bailey Electric Vehicles from 1898. to 1915. on Early American Automobiles.

Great photo gallery of Early American Automobiles from 1900. to 1929.

I personally feel this is the best film ever created on the history of electric vehicles. Roderick Wilde, Executive Director, HEVF The Electric car Revolution.


Lots of very early magazine articles, 1905 to 1920.


Some Electric Vehicle History  (once again with help of our young friends from the Conservation Project)

Detroit Electric Info

1912 Baker Electric at the Louwman Museum

1902 Baker Electric Runabout

Early US Electric automaker data base

Gas2-Green cars that don’t suck

Great book about electric cars (in english)”The Electric Vehicle: Technology and Expectations in the Automobile Age” by Gijs Mom from Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands).

The Truth About Cars – Electric Touring

History and Importance of Eco Friendly Cars

Early Electric Car Charging

National Association of Automobile Museums

Antique Automobile Club of America

Antique Electric Vehicle Newsletter

The Early Electric Car Site

Electric Vehicle Museum

Electric Auto Association

National Electric Drag Racing Association

Plug-in America

Specs of a Roberts Electric

Milburn Electric Vehicles

Great History of Waverly Electric Vehicles

Detroit Electric

Riker Electric Cars


History of Early Electric  Cars  by Paul A. Hughes

Boyertown Museum has one of the largest if not the largest current collection of historic Electric vehicles in the world with a total of 27.

Prestige Electric Car web site, from Madrid, Spain, In Spanish and  English
Contains, History, News, and Commentary.