Membership Levels


   Since we are a very new organization memberships will also be a form of sponsorship to help get the foundation moving forward to the ultimate goal of building an International Electric Vehicle Museum and finding and purchasing vehicles of important historical significance to fill it.

   At the present time we do not have all the perks in place for your membership/sponsorship. All members will receive a membership card and membership decal. All memberships above $100.00 will receive a T-shirt as well.
We are currently working on the colors we will offer. It will have the logo with member at the top. If you prefer to send a check or money order please mail to: Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, P.O. Box 427, Carlsborg, WA, 98324.

   Higher levels
will receive appropriate perks and marketing. Please contact me for further information on marketing opportunities. Also if you are a large corporation and would like a wing of the museum named after your business please contact me. The first 100 members above a membership of $500.00 or more will be listed on the website and honored as Initial Founding Members. Your membership will expire one year after the museum opens. You will also be invited to the gala opening celebration and be able to meet living EV celebrities yet to be announced.


Roderick Wilde, Executive Director




Level Price  
Supporter League $35.00 now. Select
Benefactor League $100.00 now. Select
Patron League $250.00 now. Select
Founders League $500.00 now. Select
Kilowatt League $1,000.00 now. Select
Megawatt League $10,000.00 now. Select
Gigawatt League $100,000.00 now. Select
Promethean League $250,000.00 now. Select