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The Future of Transportation Is
Coming Soon

Fueling A Future Worth Believing In

HEVF’s planned state of the art museum immerses you in an interactive electric experience. Drive, demo, and play your way through labs, exhibits, workshops, and displays geared to help you envision a world where electric transportation rules the roadways.


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EV Showrooms & Collections

Take the VIP tour of exclusive, featured models or walk through some of the world’s oldest and hottest electric vehicles and discover the stories that changed transportation.

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Explore how electric energy works, build your own battery, and discover the difference between fossil fuel and electric powered vehicles and the impact they make.

Kids STEM Labs

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Build & Restore an EV

Work alongside experts to learn EV mechanics, take electrical courses, or watch as students learn in a hands-on environment.

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Every Donation Is A Vote For An Electric Future

Your donations do more than help us expand the Route 66 EV Museum. 

It’s a vote, allowing us to speak with a united voice towards a world with far less CO2 emissions.


Alone, we can accomplish great things, 

but together, we can do almost anything.

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Stay Plugged In To All Things Electric

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Join The EV Movement

Help us transform people and planet through electric transportation and EV education. With your support, together, we have the power to make anything possible.

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