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Build the Battery Campaign

The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation's vision for its Electric Vehicle Experience (EVE) is an immersive, hands-on, and fun educational attraction for the young and old and young at heart.

Visitors will be presented with the information they need to decide for themselves whether electrified transportation is just better! The foundation for the information presented will be built on the stories of those who created the artifacts in the Foundation's world's largest collection of historically significant electric vehicles.

EVE requires a major influx of cash to successfully implement HEVF’s vision! 

Funds will be used for, but not limited to: 

1. Paying for facilities in which to prepare all items in the collections for public access.

2. Identifying, designing, constructing and refreshing exhibits to be installed in EVE

3. Readying all EVs and artifacts in collection for display in EVE 

4. Developing programs to offered by EVE 

5. Furnishings and signage for EVE 

6. Supplement City of Kingman’s renovation budget to accommodate HEVF’s vision for EVE

7. Hiring and training Foundation staff responsible for EVE’s operation 

8. Marketing EVE to Historic Route 66 tourists 

9. Contingencies related to transitioning Route 66 EV Museum to EVE

Reasons to contribute to building the most powerful battery possible: 

1. Permanently associate a name with EVE and the historic transition to a world of electrified  transportation: 

a. Your own 

b. Children 

c. Parents 

d. A leading EV advocate 

e. Anyone you would like to honor or remember 

f. An organization 

2. Participate in the creation of a history making public attraction 

Tracking the campaign's progress toward its goal: 

Each virtual battery cell represents a specific amount of virtual electrical energy which can be used to power a virtual electric vehicle on Historic Route 66. When you purchase a virtual battery cell, the amount of electrical energy which the virtual cell represents is added to the EV's battery pack to help achieve its goal of making two round trips between Chicago and LA. The map below shows the virtual EV's current status toward reaching the goal of two round trips. 

When the two round trip goal is achieved, purchasers of the virtual cells will be able to access the details of their cell's custom dedication via an internet connection.

After EVE's renovated exhibit hall is open, visitors will be able to purchase cells on-site as well as interactively search for battery cells to view the cell's specific details from among all of the cells purchased which are included in the public thank you and recognition display in the hall.

Watch Us Go!

Help Build the Battery

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