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1914 Detroit Electric-car owned by GE scientist Charles Steinmetz of Schenectady New York

1914 Detroit Electric-car owned by GE scientist Charles Steinmetz of Schenectady New York


We recently opened the world’s first International Electric Vehicle Museum
in Kingman Arizona.  The “Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum”  was opened to coincide with the Route 66 International Festival in August.

The opening was on Friday,  August 15th in the historic Powerhouse building. In the first three days we  had visitors from 28 U.S. states and 20 countries making it a truly  international event. Click here for further information and photos from the  opening.

More about the Powerhouse in Kingman, AZ.


We have initiated the raffle of a horseless carriage to raise funds for our Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum. Earlier this year an electric powered horseless carriage was donated to our foundation. As it did not fit our criteria to be included in our Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum collection we decided to raffle it off. All funds raised go to the museum. We have no salaried employees. We are all volunteers. Check out our HEVF Horeless Carriage Raffle.

HEVF’s 501c3 Approved
On the September 15th, 2014 we received our final approval from the IRS for our 501c3 tax exempt status. We had filed it July of 2013. This now clears the way for people to make donations of vehicles and other historically valuable items to our foundation and receive a tax deduction. You can view the document here.

NOTE: We will be adding content daily to this site so check back often.

The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is a Washington State registered non profit corporation. The Foundation exists for the prime purpose of education concerning the history of electric vehicles from the nineteenth century up to and beyond the twenty first century as well as preserving examples of these vehicles for all the peoples of the world to enjoy and learn from. We intend to build the world’s first International Electric Vehicle Museum and collect vehicles from around the world for display. The collection will contain very rare early electric vehicles for transportation as well as delivery vehicles for commerce. There will be wings dedicated to vehicles such as electric motorcycles, micro cars and performance electric vehicles. We wish to tell the whole story of electric vehicles.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the HEVF

  1. That may be about to change, if a post in electric-vehicle forum Electrifying Times by collector and historian Roderick Wilde is any indication.

  2. I hope we can get a lot of EV owners to each donate a little to help out. Together we can make a big difference.
    Thanks =D———————-Jim

    1. Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words. I would like to add that I feel there are many who are used to donating to organizations which have very high paid individuals at the top where part of their donation ends up. With the HEVF we are truly in the spirit of a non profit and at this time 100 % of any donation no matter how small goes directly to the purchase of historic electric vehicles for the museum.

      If an EV Club wants to take on a project I would suggest they pool their resources and do fundraising in-house or their own crowd funding and purchase a vehicle that will go directly the museum under the name of their EV Club. This way they know exactly where every penny went and all the members can take pride in their donation to the museum.

      Roderick Wilde, Executive Director
      Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation


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