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Empowering A Global Shift To Electric Transportation

The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is a non-profit of visionaries and Electric Vehicle collectors on a mission to share the 100+ year old world of Electric Vehicles, inspiring a shift to sustainably powered electric transportation.

From 110 to the Largest Electric Vehicle Collection in the World

Roderick Wilde, a passionate EV connoisseur and advocate, founded HEVF in 2014. To him, 

Electric Vehicles are a mobile origin story capable of conveying the immense past, present, and future impact EVs represent as a viable alternative to gas. Through our collection of EVs, HEVF became a vehicle capable of effecting change by educating the public about America’s extensive history with EVs, their evolution, and their enormous potential as an alternative energy source.

In 2014, we began with 110 electric vehicles.

Today, we have the largest electric vehicle collection in the world.

In 2026, we plan to open the doors to the interactive expansion of the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum, an experiential world of discovery where visitors can test drive the potential future if electric vehicles ruled the roadways.

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Join The EV Movement

Help us transform people and planet through electric transportation and EV education. With your support, together, we have the power to make anything possible.

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