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The Route 66 
Electric Vehicle Museum Experience
Is Expanding In Kingman, AZ!

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Empowering A Global Shift To Electric Transportation

Using the world’s largest collection of historical electric vehicles, we’re building a hands-on,  interactive experience that puts visitors in the driver’s seat to inspire real change towards a more sustainable future, one electric vehicle at a time.

ohio bullet car

Must See Vehicles 

Explore everything from clever custom builds and high performance models to never before  seen prototypes and some of the world’s first electric vehicles.

2008 tesla roadster

Meet the 2008 1st generation Tesla Roadster, an EV celebrated for being the first highway legal all-electric car and first ever production vehicle launched into deep space.

EV Feature

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Arizona Route 66 Museum

In partnership with the city of Kingman, Arizona, our electric vehicles are currently displayed in the Official Route 66 Museum.

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Powering A Green Alternative

On average, gasoline cars emit 10141.3 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. As EV advocates, we’re doing our part to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for a healthier, cleaner planet for all.

Test Drive The Possibilities

Envision a future where electric transportation takes people where they want to go with an experiential world of discovery complete with educational labs, hands-on exhibits, and EV mobile origin stories. 



Plugged In

Whether it’s recent legislation on EVs and electric transportation, upcoming events, or shows, we’re supporting our community with up-to-date details on the world of electric vehicles.

Driving A Sustainable Future


Every donation is a vote for a more sustainable future. Until its completion, every dollar brings us one step closer towards building the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum, the vehicle powering our vision.

You Have The Power To Effect Real Change

" I love the value of old things. I like to travel with my car and discover secret spots.
Beautiful Museum!"

Gloria D.

Paris, France

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Join The EV Movement

Help us transform people and planet through electric transportation and EV education. With your support, together, we have the power to make anything possible.

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